Frequently asked questions about electrolysis

Which equipment do you use? Only sterile and disposable probes, and sterile instruments are used. Plus a high-grade magnification, providing the ability to see hairs better.

Can I wash my face after treatment? Yes. You can wash with body wash or any hygienic  product however it is best to avoid moisturizers and make-up for about 24 hours.

How many electrolysis treatments will I need? Many factors influence hair growth, so you will need to return for several electrolysis visits. The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently from a particular area will vary from person to person. Most clients return every two weeks or every week, as needed.

What causes unwanted hair growth?Hair growth can be caused by multiple things, hereditary or hormonal levels. Also, some drugs,and temporary methods of hair removal can cause hair growth, and in areas where it is not desired.

Are temporary methods of hair removal better? Chemical depilatories contain irritating chemicals. Likewise, bleaches contain harsh chemicals and do little to disguise dark hair.
Waxing is another temporary method of hair removal and is usually done in salons. The hair is stripped off when the wax is removed. Waxing can be painful and costly.
Waxing/ threading/ tweezing are methods of temporary hair removal. However removing hairs without treating the follicles can cause hair stimulation in the area. Home waxing kits are available, but they can be messy and difficult to use. There are electrolysis devices available for home use, but they are often unsafe for use by anyone who is not trained in electrolysis.

Any aftercare to do? Applying aloe vera or any skin calming cream (with no moisturizer) is ideal.

Why is my skin red, how long does it last? Treating hairs with electrolysis means there is heat applied to the follicle, which causes redness. Average redness should go away within 1-2 hours. (Applying ice, is ideal)

Does it hurt? Electrolysis isn’t excessively painful. You do feel a little sensation, plus I supply a special on-the-spot numbing cream, which makes the treatment more tolerable.

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